Moving Forward

Thanks to many loyal donors, we are making great progress in reaching the campaign’s historic fundraising goal.

$94,499,034 / $125 M

As of March 12, 2024

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Campaign Priorities

Addressing the needs of future students compels us to act swiftly – with resolution and vision – to transcend college-as-usual and achieve a forward-looking approach to meet the needs of the next generation of Aces. We are ready. Our mission statement implores us “to empower each student to think critically, act bravely, serve responsibly, and live meaningfully in a changing world.” Our strategic plan sets a bold course – one that expands on UE’s already distinctive approach. One where students use the community as their classroom. One where they learn by first developing solutions to real-world problems faced by the city, by businesses, and by nonprofit organizations, and then by putting those solutions into action.

Loyal donors like you will amplify this enriched educational experience, providing for the right people, programs, and places that will launch students on the path to success in their lives and careers and wherever in the world they may call home.

Through your partnership in Forward>> The Campaign for the University of Evansville, you will join with other dedicated supporters of our University in achieving the vision of raising $125 million and investing in three major priorities:

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Powering a Transformational, Accessible Education

Meeting crucial needs for financial support, health and wellness, and a learning environment that reflects our evolving world.

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Bringing Academics To Life

Launching students into new worlds of knowledge with active, hands-on academic experiences.

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Fueling Faculty Who Discover, Teach, and Mentor

Investing in the professional development and growth of our outstanding faculty.

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Dear Friends,

The University of Evansville stands at a pivotal crossroad in the landscape of higher education. Thanks to your contributions, we are making remarkable strides in meeting our goal of securing $125 million through the FORWARD>> campaign. Surpassing expectations, we have witnessed the second and third highest fundraising years in the history of our institution, which dates to 1854. These achievements have paved the way for a future that embraces innovation and forward-thinking principles.

Now, with the generous support of donors like you, we are ensuring our faculty and students are actively engaged with the community from the moment they set foot on our campus. With an outstanding graduation rate and over 98% of all our alumni securing employment within six months of graduation, we have established an exceptional track record.

Through diligent groundwork and financial preparation, we have laid the foundation for this transformative endeavor. This campaign is moving us FORWARD>> to unprecedented heights and highlighting the distinctive qualities that define UE.

Recognizing the importance of impactful higher education, each and every day we are committed to building for the future by delivering a relevant and experiential education for aspiring students of tomorrow.



The World Is Changing

The University of Evansville sees it and is committed to producing the global citizens and changemakers the world requires. The needs of UE are clear, and the merits of this campaign are strong. We challenge you—alumni, parents, and friends—to join us in moving this university forward.

Randy Alsman and Paul Jones ’71
Campaign Co-Chairs

With your support, we will move the University of Evansville forward.

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Transforming UE To Meet the Educational Demands of Tomorrow’s Students and World

The Information Age has set the bar high for higher education: Colleges must prepare graduates to be adaptable, ready for jobs that didn't exist a few years ago.

UE is ready for the challenge. Our new strategic plan sets a bold course—one that expands UE's distinctive approach. One where students use the community as their classroom. One where they learn by developing solutions to real-world problems faced by actual organizations, and then by putting those solutions into action.

By partnering with us on Forward >> The Campaign for the University of Evansville, you will help put these plans in motion.

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