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At UE, learning is not a spectator sport. We launch students into new worlds of knowledge with active, hands-on academic experiences. Through Forward, you can strengthen these efforts by supporting initiatives such as:

Center for Innovation & Change: This center gives students skills that transcend the résumé. The CIC is an incubator for projects, start-ups, and movements that requires resources to jump from the drawing board to reality. The campaign will support staffing, stipends, new business incubation, and outreach efforts by our students and faculty. The CIC offers courses and experiences designed to allow students to test their skills and make an impact by connecting the classroom and the real world. Multidisciplinary teams innovate and collaborate to create positive change for businesses, nonprofits, the community, and the world.
Harlaxton Walled Garden Project: Harlaxton College, our 150-room historic manor house in England, has made UE the no. 1 study abroad school in the country. This campaign will invest in this jewel’s ongoing sustainability. Restored themed gardens will attract visitors and provide opportunities for student-run enterprises. The result: a unique, multi-purpose, globally immersive student changemaking hub that generates revenue to support the facility’s upkeep.
Graves Hall: Careers in health care are booming, and UE is providing students an on-ramp to these dynamic futures. A renovated Graves Hall–with the most up-to-date classrooms, labs, and innovation spaces for collaborative projects—will help fill the pipeline with skilled graduates. Dedicated spaces in the revitalized facility will accelerate field and subject-based research, data analysis, and simulation. These are all vital as we grow College of Education and Health Sciences offerings and expose students to learning opportunities focused on wellness for the whole person.
Engineering Project Building: It’s not enough for School of Engineering and Computer Science students to learn about engineering. At the University of Evansville, our undergraduate students do engineering. This new facility will furnish the wide-open spaces and cutting-edge equipment students need to expand their learning through class projects and team challenges such as the concrete canoe, steel bridge, firefighting robots, and more.

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In high school, I got involved with the UE Changemaker Challenge. That competition took me from not wanting to go to college to being committed to go to UE to bring my vision of a new park for downtown Evansville to life.

Robert Lopez ’23

Robert Lopez ’23 Ethics and Social Change Major